Aug 8, 2009

Toyota sedan of the National Automotive Market

Jakarta - Toyota Sedan the national automotive market. In November 2008, Toyota still retain dominasinya sedan on the market with total sales of 1,319 units of sedan or the 60.6% market share. While the year 2008 (Jan-Nov), total sales at Toyota sedan class as much as 16,392 units sedan. Where the Vios, Corolla Altis and Camry became the ruler in each class.

Vios in November to become market leader in the mini-class sedan led the market with 66.2% market share where the successful sale of a number of 602 units. Throughout January to November 2008 this was a whole Vios to be the best in its class with a total sales figure of 5470 units.

While in the class small sedan, Toyota Corolla Altis to be the best with the market share of 36% with sales figures in November as many as 141 units.

Market for medium sedan, Toyota Camry remains the best with the market with the successful sales figures of 208 units and the market was 59.1%.

"We are very grateful to the consumers who remain loyal to the Toyota. We always provide the best product on the Toyota, the Toyota-class sedan is to provide the best of the comfort, safety, performance and best value and class. This is the sedan that Toyota is the best in Indonesia. " said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor.