Aug 8, 2009

The Heat

That may be a special problem. That, while three more will go to the Indonesian market. And, sure akan brisk competition in the small sedan segment 1.500cc. PT TAM alone until the end of years ago would have not been honest about the plan said the launch of Vios. "Without bermasud deny the possibility that, if possible also control the market with almost 50 percent in the mini-class sedan through SOLUNA, we will change something that is still a good market response at this time?" word Hendrayadi Lastiyoso, Communications Manager of PT TAM in an opportunity in Jakarta, has not been this long.

Plainly, SOLUNA success in the local market during this indeed can be spelled out very fantastic. Perhaps, this is owing to the big Toyota is already inherent in the Indonesian consumer. So, the person is no longer concerned with spek SOLUNA the actual "no-apanya what" is. It is important, this is Toyota. Until until-they also do not care nearly SOLUNA that the latter is better known as taxis rather than public personal or family sedan.

According to the notes of PT TAM, to early November 2002 the successful ago SOLUNA at least 40.7 percent of the small sedan market in Indonesia. For a product that is still relatively young age, performance is clearly exceptional. In fact, Honda is also a big name, or who have Beleno spek far more luxurious, gasp pursued and Reliability SOLUNA in the market.

Toyota Vios will be able to record the achievements of the future? Still difficult to be predicted. Soalnya, Vios prices that appear with better than spek SOLUNA, akan certainly more expensive. Similarly new City or new Baleno.

Indomobil not actually own the competitors tremble too-their competitors. The launch of Suzuki Aerio, five-seat MPV that actually have a machine that is still spek sekeluarga with Liana (New Baleno), seems to be test case. Although the other segment, a successful launch at the beginning of the Aerio can convince people that the Indomobil Liana will also be a good place in the Indonesian market. "Living the waiting time and readiness of our production units in Tambun, Bekasi," said Bebin Djuana, Marketing Manager of PT Indomobil Commerce International in an opportunity in Jakarta, has not been this long.

Baleno market itself is actually also not very ugly-ugly in Indonesia. When the market SOLUNA successful record of 3,952 units in the first quarter of 2002, the Beleno enough success with the 2252 unit. The market is still far below the SOLUNA. Only about 25 percent. But, clearly, this also can not be regarded lightly by Toyota. And, when the New Baleno Liana or later slide, both Toyota and Honda have also how to face more serious.

Technically, it is clear Liana, more powerful than the Baleno. The engine is able to eject 1.586cc maximum energy 104.6 hp at 5500 rpm and 144 Nm of torsi at 4000 rpm. It is equipped with a range of luxury facilities such as reinforced doors, seatbelts for five passengers, plus dual front airbags. Moreover, additional protection is presented through the steering lock is strong and can be enabled through the chip in the original key.

How about the New Honda City? Jonfis Fandy, Sales and Marketing Manager of PT Honda Prospect Motor, this is not long to ensure that New City will slide this year. Perhaps, akan less quickly than the two competitors. "Maybe the new mid-2003," he said this has not been long in Jakarta.

According Fandy, age City market in Indonesia is already long be calculated. City was first launched in 1996. "Generally, Honda make total change between four to six years," he said. Changes this time are much more spectacular.

Both Vios, Liana or the New City is in fact appear in several other Southeast Asian countries. Vios is mejeng in China, and New City is also a lot of people say get in Singapore.

Moment, three-blade 1.500cc sedan is soon to come and pull Indonesian market. Who will appear as the champion? Memaralkannya still difficult. All have a comparative advantage. All consumers have the certainty fanatis. Therefore, the delay before buy SOLUNA, Baleno or City. Moment their brethren will soon be born. Moment the market will be more glorious.