Oct 17, 2009

car modif part

Chrome Paint - Chrome paint finish for cars. We look at how to create a chrome paint effect with spray paints."

* Split bonnets
* Caliper painting
* Respraying a car
* Alloy wheels
* Flip Paint
* Lowering
* Wide body kits
* Door conversions
* Dashboard styling
* Single wiper
* Neon lights

* Body kits
* Looks available
* Sprayed art
* car upholstery
* Sport Silencers
* Vents
* Steering Wheels
* Window Tinting
* Plastic painting
* Headlight Conversions
* Silk paint finishes
Car modification & car styling

Track cars are rebuilt each time they are raced and they are set up for optimum conditions on the flat surface of the track. When it comes to modifying a daily runaround car or hot hatch - we have to tune and apply modifications to our cars to work for a year without a service, run over pot holes and speed humps and cope with a variety of weather conditions and loads. We need to establish the sensible car tuning modifications (car mods) that will cope well with everyday driving but help you to get the maximum enjoyment from it. Styling modifications and car styling trends frequently change, we keep you up to date with the latest styling parts, modifications and tips with practical advice.

My motivation for creating this site was the misleading claims made by the manufacturers of performance parts. They often quote power gains of 30bhp and in reality this was achieved on a v8 engine in ideal lab conditions. In the real world some of these mods can rob you of low down power and Torque.